May 082008

Some of you may have seen this in the news lately:

Researchers went to a typical office in London to take swabs from 30 keyboards. The results were pretty horrifying with a whole host of different bacteria found on the swabs. One of the more serious bacteria found is called staphylococcus aureus, also known as “golden staph”, that can cause skin infection and food poisoning. Another keyboard was so badly infested with bacteria it was recommended by a microbiologist that the offending keyboard be removed from use.

The same test also took a swab from a toilet in the London office, which was five times cleaner than the keyboard that had to be removed.

The reason for the build-up of bacteria on our keyboards has been put down to the fact we eat our food around them. The tiny crumbs of food that fall in between the keys act as a great breeding ground for bacteria to grow on. Not washing your hands regularly, especially after visiting the toilet, was also partly to blame.


You might want to get a package of those individually wrapped isopropyl alcohol pads and wipe down your keyboard regularly.


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