Aug 032012

We’ve all been there.  You have an established iPhone and for whatever reason, synching it with a new installation of iTunes will cause you to lose all those carefully placed icons on your iPhone.

iCloud backup and restore do not seem to have the same issues, but our multiple backup strategy suggests a backup to our computer on occasion is a Good Thing. In addition, we find moving the icons around via iTunes is a lot easier than on the device itself.

When transferring your iTunes to a new computer, or, before wiping and reinstalling your old computer, always remember to deauthorize your old iTunes account.  Go to Store ->Deauthorize this computer.

Here are the steps to avoid all that head-banging pain of rearranging your icons by hand when synching an established iPhone with a new installation of iTunes :

NOTE: in iTunes 11, you will need to View->Show Sidebar to see your iDevice listed.

  1. Sign into the iTunes Store and go to Store->Authorize this computer.
  2. Don’t synch anything just yet.  Hook up the iPhone and cancel any prompts to synch.
  3. In iTunes, right click on the device and transfer all your purchases to the new iTunes.
  4. In iTunes, right click on the device and select Backup.
  5. Now, go to the Apps tab and click the Synch all apps checkbox, BUT …
  6. As quickly as you can, cancel the synch that appears at the very top of the screen, just click the x in the status box that appears at the top of the iTunes screen as shown. Stop the synch before it finishes so you don't lose your icon placements
  7. Eject and disconnect the phone.
  8. Close iTunes.

Open iTunes and connect the phone. Let it synch.  The iPhone desktop on iTunes should appear exactly as it appears on your phone.

You may have to fool around with it a time or two, but you should be able to avoid a painful transition.

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