Mar 022009

Everyone should have this gem bookmarked on their web browser.  Go over to right now and try it out.  You enter in a webpage and controls show up on the left side that help you select and then save or print only the content you choose. 

In the past, I have somtimes been able to accomplish this by selecting items to print and then choosing “print selection”, but there have been many times that the content I want is not contiguous or I accidently make the wrong print selection and the whole page prints anyway.  This site eliminates all those issues and lets you select exactly what you want to print.

They also have a little bookmark applet.  What this does is eliminates the need to visit the site when you are already on a page that you want to print.  By clicking this bookmark, the PrintWhatYouLike controls wrap around the page that you are on, enabling you to get right down to business.  The bookmark applet does use javascript, but unless you have turned off Java in your browser deliberately, it is on by default.

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