Mar 312009

Protecting against this much talked about worm is a multi pronged process.

1.  Make sure your system is fully patched (all of our clients are).

2.  You may want to disable AutoRun.  If you don’t, and you see a selection of Open Folders to View Files Publisher Not Specified do not choose that option.  Disabling AutoRun will not fully protect you against Conficker.

3.  Make sure your antivirus software is completely up to date (again, all of our clients are protected).

4.  Use strong passwords both for any user account and also for any file share in your environment.

A quick way to tell if your computer is infected is to try to access the Web site of a major antivirus vendor, which the worm blocks.

According to Microsoft, computers with the latest security updates, current antivirus software, strong passwords, and secured shares are protected against this worm.

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