Nov 042009

Passwords are required for  many things in our daily lives: computers, phones, voice mail, bank accounts, and the list goes on.  How secure is your password?  A group of programmers who write password breaking software published a list of the top 500 worst passwords.

Are you guilty of keeping the default password that comes with your computer or device?  Many hackers take advantage of people who do not change default passwords; some demanding ransom.

Remember some of these basic password guidelines:

  1.  Select a password that you can remember, don’t keep written passwords in your wallet or desk drawer.
  2. Use at least 8 characters, mixing letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and characters such as $, #, %, and so on.
  3. Don’t use a word found in a dictionary, English or foreign.
  4. Don’t use passwords based on personal information such as: name, nickname, birth date, wife’s name, pet’s name, friends name, home town, phone number, social security number, and so on.
  5. Be creative.  Misspell words, string together phrases.  For instance, if you are a pet lover, you could turn “a tail and four paws” into “tayl4Paz”.

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