May 112010

Watch out for those pop-ups and be very careful about the websites you visit.  Despite current patches and anti-virus software, one of our clients got hit with some nasty malware recently.  They did not fully explain, but it could have been accidentally clicking on a pop-up or visiting a website that delivered it unknowingly or deliberately.  Either way, we spent a good bit of time removing it.

The problem is that so many websites deliver ad content dynamically, including pop-ups, and sometimes the servers that deliver that content can be infected either unknowingly or deliberately.  Personally, I run a utility on my computer that blocks all server delivered ad content.  It not only protects me from the drive-by ad content and infection, I find it a lot more pleasurable to view a page with the small word “Advertisement” in place of a big flashing ad. 

The only drawback is that you sometimes receive an error when you click on a “sponsored” link.  That is easily enough bypassed with a management utility or simply copying and pasting the link.

If you are interested in learning more about protecting yourself, please contact us.

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