May 172011

Make sure you don’t miss messages from important people (like your boss) in Outlook, with color coding.

In previous versions of Outlook it was very easy to color code messages from specific e-mail addresses by selecting “Organize”.  You can still color code messages from certain e-mail addresses in Outlook 2010, but there are a few more steps involved: 

  1. Go to the View tab
  2. Click View Settings
  3. Click the Conditional Formatting button
  4. Click the Add button
  5. For the Name of the rule, type in Mail received from [name of sender]
  6. Click the Condition button
  7. In the From field of the Filter box, type or paste the e-mail address, or select from your contacts list
  8. Click OK on the Filter box
  9. In the Conditional Formatting box, click the Font button.
  10. Select a color then click OK in the Font box.
  11. Click OK on the Conditional Formatting box
  12. Click OK in the Advanced View Settings: Messages box

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