Website Services

Are you losing sales with a poorly designed website—or no website?

Many people who create their own website aren’t aware of some of the most critical web design usability principles. Don’t take the chance on losing business, let a professional help you (even if it isn’t us).

Forget the Yellow Pages, people search the Internet for businesses

Make sure your business is the one they find and select.

  • You only have seconds to catch attention. Our designs will help keep eyes on your site.
  • We integrate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features into every website.

Even if you just need a one-page site, let us create a design just for you. We will work with your logo and colors and give you options.

Our small business websites are cost effective

  • New websites are quoted on a flat-fee basis. No hidden costs.
  • No ongoing monthly fees above the normal hosting charges.
  • Maintenance services (changes initiated by you) are billed in 15-minute increments.

The cost of building and maintaining your own website might seem attractive—at first. But look a little closer. Many companies charge setup fees, and ongoing monthly fees of $10–$50 per month over and above the monthly hosting fee whether you need any changes or not!

Need a shopping cart?

Our well-designed shopping carts leave no question about the product being purchased.

Want to avoid spam?

Some people are nervous about getting a lot of spam because their e-mail address is on the Internet. Our tried and true programming methods avoid spam bots, ensuring you won’t receive any additional spam from your website.

Have an existing website?

  • We can give an existing site a facelift.
  • We work well with others: some sites have content provided by a service. We can work with what you have.

Do you want a Wordpress website?

We can customize a WordPress template just for you.

No matter what direction you take…

We have the expertise to help. You should concentrate on your business, not the technical aspects of your website.

Custom websites made just for you
Custom websites according to your specifications